Hi! Welcome to my gaming blog.

I’m Ethan, a 22 year old English man born and raised in the United Kingdom. I am a student in Nottingham where I also live, and I have a part time job here as well. I do all my scheduled daily activities in the day and I play PC games in the night. I feel like playing games is really something I would do to have a nice time on my own or with friends. Yes, maybe sometimes I spend too much time playing PC games, but I really really like it. For me, games are all about competition, performance, skill, and of course fun and socialising.

I spent a big part of my childhood playing games, and since 2006 when GameCity ran annually in Nottingham, my passion for games has grown even more. I started playing simple PC games on my dad’s PC back in 2002. I remember that in 2003 I started playing GTA III and Vice City. I was very good at it and soon GTA series became my favourite games. It became a habit for me to try a new game every month and sometimes every week, and I have been doing this for a while. I still do this out of my curiosity and passion for playing games.

Just a couple of facts about me
I believe I am a hardcore gamer as I enthusiastically play any type of games and I have a strong sense of competition. Although I focus more on single player gaming, winning games or battles is the most fun for me, but I enjoy a game even if I don’t win.
My favourite games are Bioshock, Portal and Portal 2, Battlefield, Payday, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto (all), Need for Speed, Max Payne (all), Borderlands and all its DLCs.
My favourite classics are Diablo, World of Warcraft and Syndicate.
The most time I spent playing online in one single day is 13 hours.
The least time I slept in a day is 1,5 hours, and yes, I survived and slept 15 hours the night after.
Other gaming consoles I like: Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U.

About the awakeman
I feel I have gathered a lot of experience as a gamer and I always liked writing. Only a couple years ago I thought that writing about games would be a great idea, then I thought about starting my own blog. The awakeman is one of the projects I had in mind for a long time and that I actually made it happen. So here we are on the awakeman blog where the main focus is gaming.

I enjoy playing games and telling stories about it. My blog here is where I expose my experiences, opinions, reviews and ideas through writing. I’m excited to share all these with you, as I spend my nights playing new and old games. As my time is more cluttered in the day, my evenings and nights are saved for gaming. Stay tuned and have fun!