Game review: Payday 2

Game review: Payday 2

Payday 2 is one of my favourite game for two reasons: bank heists and badass soundtracks. Anyone can agree with me that the music from this game is just the number one reason why they’d choose to go loud on a heist. Maybe I’ve been a bit too fast here. So let me start again with the beginning.

Payday 2 is a co-op game in which players will rob banks, jewelry stores, take hostages, and complete missions. There are two ways to complete a heist. The stealth mode in which the team you have or joined is doing everything silently. The stealth mode allows you to play peacefully without ringing the alarms and having the cops on your back. The other mode is going all loud and not caring that the cops are coming and trying to stop you from securing your heist. The downside is that you can get caught and lose your mission progress. You may also not come back in the game and have to wait until the team completes the mission or just try and join another team in the Crime.Net. Crime.Net is the main panel where you can pick missions and heists. The good part of going loud is the music will play during the heist, courtesy of Lord Simon Viklund.

This is a game where it’s required to have interaction with other humans in order to have a fully successful robbery. Planning who is doing what and have a clear picture of each player’s role is vital. Sometimes there are n00bs in the game who really ruin the mission. For the sake of your mental health and to avoid having a bad heist or game, just keep an eye on the level of the players. The more experienced have higher levels, therefore, you have greater chances to success.

This is definitely a game to play in a team and not as a lone wolf. However, the lonely option is still available. You will find that it’s more fun to play online in a team than alone. There is a lot to discover, a lot to learn and to rob in the game. Having all this said, I wish you have fun and enjoy the game.

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