Nearly Impossible and Frustrating Game Bosses

Nearly Impossible and Frustrating Game Bosses

We’ve all been there – you plan out your gaming strategy perfectly, stock up on items and potions, and do a ridiculous number of buffs, only to lose to the same boss again and again. Then you yell, throw your hands up in a rage, and dedicate the next few minutes to something else, like walking our dog, or using the EvoBet bonus. Here are the roughest and toughest video game bosses, old and new, that drove us insane.

Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!

Now, granted, this was a bit before my time, but one must not forget the classics. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! may seem like a very simple boxing game, and to a degree, it is, but it requires impeccable timing and the controllers that don’t freeze up on you. All of the fighters are difficult in their own right, but when you face against the man himself, it will take you hours upon hours of memorizing his rhythm and taking advantage of it in order to win. There is a code that lets you take on Mike immediately, but that would take all the fun out of progressing towards him, especially when you are about to get pummeled.

Ornstein & Smough – Dark Souls

Whenever you reach out to online communities in order to get a piece of good advice on how to deal with Dark Souls bosses, you get the same message all over the message boards: “Git Gud!” And that’s when you are trying to take on a single boss. When you face off against the Dragon Slayer and the Executioner, then it’s time to cry for mum. Because it’s just so frustrating! You would get one of them in the corner and have the other one completely blindside and one-shot you. And even if you manage to kill one of them, the other absorbs his powers. I mean, all of Dark Souls is supposed to be unbelievably hard, but give a bloke a break.

C’Thun – World of Warcraft

On the southwest of Kalimdor lies one of its many insect-infested sections, called Silithus. In the southern part of this area, you will find the Ruins of Ahn’Qira. The temple is also the place of a 40-man raid in WoW where entire guilds perished battling against the Old God of chaos, C’Thun. You may think that I’m being needlessly melodramatic, but imagine organizing 40 people to do specifically coordinated tasks only to have them all wiped out by insta-kills and being eaten. Truly, C’Thun was an epic challenge until he got patched. Much like the Lovecraft monster that inspired its creation, there is no telling when the Old God will next return to wreak havoc upon the world.

Sephiroth – Kingdom Hearts II

Love him or hate him, he is majestic and overpowered. One of the biggest villains of FFVII found his way into Kingdom Hearts, meaning that you have to take him on in real-time, rather than take turns. Sephiroth is ridiculously strong and Sora has no one to help him. You would be happy to know that he is only an optional boss, meaning that you can forego this challenge, but a wicked keyblade and being able to claim you took him down is well worth the trouble.

Night Terror – Soulcalibur III

The first time I discovered that Nightmare as the final boss was not the worst thing that could happen to me in story mode was also the beginning of one-more-tries and you’ve-gotta-be-kidding-me faces. Here’s the thing – Night Terror looks like Nightmare, but he is faster, stronger, and with added abilities, like lasers and flight. And you can’t knock him off the stage like others, because he bloody comes back onto the stage again!

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