Online sports betting – how to do it right

Online sports betting – how to do it right

Not only that online sports betting can substantially increase your income, but it can also be fun if it’s done in a responsible and smart way. Check out our recommendations for new bettors. Also, after you’re done with that, you could check out this Betfair promo code to start betting at a reputed online bookmaker.

Responsible betting behaviour

The single most important thing you need to learn and apply in your daily bets are self-imposed limits. One who can’t control his own behaviour will soon find himself in a downward spiral on all accounts: financially, mentally, emotionally and even physically.

A responsible bettor knows the following:

  • It is easier to keep yourself in check when you have outside help. Disclose your betting behaviour to a loved one who will help you stick to pre-set limits.
  • Responsible betting is done for limited amounts of time and we’re not only talking about duration, but also frequency. The best frequency is the one that allows you to improve your skills without making betting the main way to spend your time and without losing too much money.
  • The responsible bettor understands and sticks to his budget. He sets loss limits above which betting is no longer profitable nor fun.
  • One should never borrow money to place a bet. This is to be discouraged and avoided at all costs.
  • The bettor should have other enjoyable leisure activities apart from betting.
  • Betting under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not beneficial for the bettor. Only the bookmaker profits from your lack of clarity.One who finds it thrilling to get involved in high-risk betting situations should examine his behaviour and act rationally, not impulsively.

Best practices

If you want to be successful in sports betting, you must follow a few rules. First, don’t bet on sports you know nothing about. Sports betting is not like video games where you hit a reset button to respawn. A lost bet means lost money, there are no do-overs.

Another important rule is to never choose bookmakers you don’t trust. Try to get a reference from another player or at least read a few online reviews beforehand. While reviews might not be the most reliable way to assess a new bookmaker, they’re useful to see whether you are getting yourself into a scam or not.

You have to understand general betting terms like odds, types of wagers, stake, selection, and payout as well as concepts specific to the sport of your choice. Also, before making a bet, it’s good to set some clear objectives.

Ask yourself why are you betting in general and why on this particular game? Is it just a gut feeling or do you have concrete reasons to believe you will win the bet? These answers will help you understand your own behaviour and withdraw from high-risk bets for which you don’t have solid evidence you are making the right choice. Betting is all about rational decisions and maths, not about what team you like best, so act accordingly.

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