Top 5 best online games

You don’t have a super cool PC to play the newest games? No worries! You can still play nice games with just an internet connection. And trust me, there are some awesome games out there that don’t require a top notch PC to play. Super fun games can be accessed for free only with an internet connection. Pay attention to the browser you use. Chrome for example might not support some of the online games, but these could be found in the Chrome store as apps.

f45_da2_580_580-spelunky-html5-31. Spelunky HTML 5
Spelunky is a 2D game that was first designed for Xbox 360 in July 2012, and was also made for HTML 5. The game features one controllable character who has to collect as many things as possible. There are many obstacles though, making the character’s mission more difficult. For example, there are snakes, bats and other species of monsters which can be defeated with various weapons like a whip that comes equipped by default and other objects that can be used as weapons. The game can be found in Chrome store and can be played offline.

2. Cube Slam
Cube Slam was launched as an experiment by Google, on June 12 2013. It is a game that you can play against the computer or a friend, just in the browser. The games is a powerful level based experience in 3D, in which players collect points and win. As player goes to higher levels of the game, obstacles and power ups appear as well, making the game more challenging. For example, there is a multiball, fireballs, mirrors, shrinking paddles and deathballs that make the game more fun. The graphics are nice too, audio as well, so why not give it a try?!

3. Runescape 3
With over 16 years online, Runescape is considered the world’s most popular free massively multiplayer online role-playing game, with over 200 million registered players. This game caught me a long time ago and I really enjoy it today. The graphics are modest but good enough for a game with such a long presence online. The action of the game takes place in a vast medieval setting. Runescape is fascinating because players are able to create their own story, develop skills, complete hundreds of quests. On top of this, the game receives frequent updates that expand the game’s content and adds special events making it even more fun to play.

4. RAD Soldiers
This game is fun to play by yourself or with your friends. This game requires the players to have good strategy skills and perseverance to win from the super-powered squads. The game has in-app purchases for any player who starts to want more from the game. However, the free version of the game is very enjoyable without spending any money. The victories in the game earns you coins and RAD bucks that you can spend on improving your squad and adding new specialists like healers, mechanics, or grunts. The game has a lot to offer and is definitely enjoyable and addictive.

5. Tanki Online
This online game is designed for all the players who like destroying tanks. This is a 3D free to play online game where players earn money and advance in their tank careers. There are four modes of the game: Death Match where player must kill the opponent’s tanks. Team Death Match is a mode where players team up and try to destroy the opponent’s tanks. Capture-the-Point mode requires players to gather a certain amount of points in a certain amount of time. And last mode is Capture-the-Flag where players must capture the flag of the opponents while trying to stop them to steal theirs. The game is fun, the graphics are cool. I would encourage you to give it at least a try.