How to make money by playing online video games

How to make money by playing online video games

When it comes to gaming there are hundreds of ways to make money. From having a career as a game tester, gaming youtuber or blogger, and even gambler or winning games competitions, all are ways to make money by playing video games. There are also some advantageous promo codes offered by online casinos that double, triple, or even multiply the earnings till a certain amount. Such an example is the welcome offer at Ladbrokes

I think that for a person who loves to play games, making money out of it is the best thing that can happen. It’s the ideal career!

It is indeed possible to make all this happen in your life, and I want to mention one way in particular to make money as a gamer. Playing the online casino games for real money. Have you ever considered looking at the video games from an online casino and playing? Gamblers are video games players too, and they make extra money out of their passion for online games. Some make enough to pay the bills, some players make less, but there are some lucky players who win the game’s big prize. Either way, these games are definitely a pleasant way to spend time and win extra cash. I bet any one of us likes the idea of winning a big amount of money in a short time that it is possible to become real.

If you wonder how you get to the point where you can start playing, I have you covered. It’s very easy to start making money by playing online casino games. Here is a short guide describing four simple steps to set you up as a professional online gamer.

1. Research online casinos
The industry is rich in online casinos. Find the reputable casinos that also have a licence in your country. Find out what other people think of them, read reviews and see if there is history of winnings. The casino must be trustworthy and I only recommend the ones that are the biggest and well known.
2. Register or make an account
Once you found the casinos you trust, the next step is to make an account. It is common that online casinos have great welcome bonuses for people who join the casino and make an account. Some casinos just give a bonus for solely signing up with them. Registering is very simple and is free. All you need to do is, beside reading the terms and conditions, filling out the registration form and add a valid credit card as a payment option. The credit card is often used to verify that the registering user is old enough to play for money, and will not be used for any payment initially. Also fill out a bonus code if you have one, then claim your bonus after the account was created.
3. Find the games you like to play
Many casinos offer a long list of video games to play for free. You can try them out and see which ones appeal the most to you. Try to learn all you can about the game type and practice before you start playing for actual money.
4. Start playing
When you feel confident in your skills, you can start playing for real money. That’s all.

I hope you find these steps useful in your plans to make money by playing video games. Good luck and have fun!

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