Movie Review: Suicide Squad 2016

Movie Review: Suicide Squad 2016


Spoiler Alert!

Suicide Squad is a movie I’ve seen recently. It was fun to see a team of villains working together to rescue the world from destruction. However, the very well marketed movie had its ups and downs, but in my opinion it’s not a great movie. It also has low ratings on most movie rating sites.

Joker is not part of the movie, having his own solo plans and story line we don’t know about. From what I’ve seen all he wanted was to save Harley Quinn but at some point in the movie when he actually manages to get his queen, the helicopter they are in explodes and they are broken apart again, and apparently Joker meets his death. In the end though, Harley Quinn gets back to the prison after she and all the other villains saved the world, and Joker comes back to take her out of the prison.

My favourite character in the movie is the witch called Enchantress because she has badass abilities. She is the bad character in the movie because she, together with her resurrected brother tries to destroy humanity.

When the Suicide Squad find out whom they are asked to fight against, instead of being brave and continue the mission, they decide to stop at a bar and have a drink. They think it’s the end of the world so what the heck?! Have a good drink before they die.

The team of villains is gathered together by the government and asked to stop her. The key villain which now fights against the demonic witch is Diablo who at some point turns into a creature that almost looks like Satan all made of fire and stops the brother of the Enchantress.

Eventually the Enchantress is stopped and killed, and the heroes go back to prison, but with some great stuff in their cells. Harley Quinn gets an espresso machine, Croc gets a TV and some booze, Deadshot gets to see his daughter before he is arrested and a boxing bag in his cell. The ending is a “To be continued” ending, leaving room for more parts to come. I hope that what’s to come is better.

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